Other Useful Info

You will arrive at our modern airport and will be greeted by what seems to be hundreds of taxi drivers. If you're just a few people with not too much luggage, a taxi to Boca de Tomatlan will run about $50 - $ 60 USD. More people and luggage will require a van for about $70. They will take American money. Please do tip for assistance with luggage; people depend on their tips!

We can arrange an airport pick-up for you for 500 pesos (less than $50) or 600 pesos if you require additional services. The driver doesn't speak English so you'd have to tell me if you have to make any stops in town, say, to buy groceries. He will not want US dollars but that won’t be a problem as he will take you to a place where the exchange rates will be much higher than at the airport. The trip will take about an hour and, for the most part follows the coastline with beautiful views. By the way, when you fill out the forms given to you on the airplane, you can just write "Boca de Tom" on the destination line, since the whole name won't fit!

There is also available a private driver service if you would like a little more service and luxury. You can get more info at their website: http://www.viptaxivallarta.com/index_ing.php

About money: the absolutely best way to get pesos is at an ATM machine, but the ones at the airport don't give very good rates; it's best to use one in town. There are about a kajillion OXXO convenience stores, most of which have ATM machines. When we drove here from Maryland with just a Spanish phrase book and no idea of correct pronunciation, I went into a convenience store and said "have tarjeta debito machine"? The woman looked at me quizzically and said "ATM?". So much for my Spanish… Agree to the roughly 30 peso charge (that's under $3) and withdraw the 3000 peso limit to start (less than $300). You can use your card more than once, but your bank may charge an extra surcharge on top of the regular charge. It's a good idea to notify the debit card company that you will be using your card in Mexico. There are NO ATM machines in Boca; it's strictly a cash economy here!

If you want to exchange cash (American or Canadian only), Banorte Bank gives very good rates. Neither traveler's checks nor credit cards are widely accepted in Vallarta, although some larger places do accept credit cards. As with the debit card, notify the credit card company that you may be using your card in Mexico.

If you have any questions or issues not addressed here, please email me at info@casadepiedra.com We look forward to seeing you!